Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Play Bingo

Today is a great day to play a game of Bingo to practice your sight words. Print the blank Bingo Boards here . Just print page 1 and that will give you 4 Bingo Boards.

How to play:
1. Fill out your Bingo Board with the sight words you are currently practing. Use some words as review too. If you need more words, fill in the child's name or the words Mom or Dad.
2. Use your flashcards to call the words.
3. Make sure you have some chips to use as markers. Use some pennies or other coins if that is easier.
4. As the parent, pull a flashcard from the pile. Show it to your child and ask him/her to read it. Once read, find it on their board and use a chip to mark it.
5. Play until your child gets 3 in a row or play until the board is full. I am playing until the board is full so we make sure to practice each word.
6. Continue playing until you have reviewed all the sight words or your child is ready for something new!

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