Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cars Uno game

Print one copy of the playing cards (You may want to print 2 sets of special cards). There are 4 sets (various Cars characters) with 9 word cards each plus one set of "special" cards (draw 2, wild, reverse, skip, draw 4/wild). To play, deal 5 cards to each player. Put the rest face down in the middle of the table. Turn one card up. The first player must read the card and match either the word or the character. If he puts down matching character (new word), he must also read the new word. Play continues with players matching either the words or characters. If a player does not have a match, he draws a card from the pile. Players can play a Draw 4 or Wild card at any time. Draw 4 means the next person takes 2 cards instead of playing a card (just like in traditional UNO). A Wild card lets the player select the character. Players must match the skip, reverse, or Draw 2 cards to the current character. Continue playing until some gets rid of all of his cards. This is the winner. Optional: You can have players call UNO when they have one card remaining .
*You can easily change the words used in this game by deleting these words and replacing them with your own.